Wine is a standard drink item in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Purchasing Information Edit

Step into the realm of delicious wines, served up in your restaurant at a premium price for all your fancy-shmancy clientele. This starter package includes installation of a wine chiller and a full stock of Le Cheap Classique, a well known wine from the vineyards of East Detroit. Just pop the cork and serve to the customer... it couldn't be simpler. Order today!

Your order comes with a wine chiller that can hold up to five brands of wine, and your first stock of wine. Le Cheap Classique ($8).

Cooking Instructions. Edit

Wine is easy to serve, but be aware that once you have more wine bottles in your collection, you'll need to select the right one based on the order. Once you tug on the cork, you can no longer switch wine bottles/flavors. Customers will also only pay an amount based on the type of wine they order.


A bottle of your cheapest wine, please.

A bottle of Casu Marzu Aged Cheese wine, please.

A bottle of Serpent Beard wine, please.

A bottle of Elk wine, please.

A bottle of Deckard Vineyards wine, please.

Keyboard Binding Edit

  • Wine - W
  • (Tap) Pop Cork - ⬆