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Territories are a feature in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!. There are 7 territories, with 11 total planned. Within each territory, there are a set amount of days to play through, with varying obstacles increasing the difficulty. Each day has different filters, allowing the player to customise the foods on the menu as long as they adhere to the filters, compared to the set menus of Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!'s Chef For Hire mode.

Medals[edit | edit source]

Completing days awards the player with Medals, used to unlock more days to progress through the game.

  • Bronze Medals are awarded for completing the day with fewer than 8 bad orders.
  • Silver Medals are awarded for completing the day with fewer than 5 average or bad orders.
  • Gold Medals are awarded for completing the day perfectly, with no average or bad orders.

Gold and Silver Medals also count as the Medals below them, so if a day requires 5 silver medals to unlock, 5 gold medals also unlock it. Getting Gold Medals on every day of a territory rewards Achievements. Additional achievements may be gained by getting a Gold on the first day of a territory or select days with extra challenges.

Chill Mode[edit | edit source]

Like the previous game, there is an easier mode for those who struggle with the game or want to play the game without the stress of management. Chill Mode unlocks infinite patience, and turns off Foodtruck Attacks. However, only Silver medals can be earned in this mode, meaning it is possible to finish the game with only Chill Mode but no bonus levels will be unlocked.

Territories[edit | edit source]

  • Buttermilk County - Boise, Idaho
  • Evergreen Meadows - Moab, Utah
  • Halcyon County - Wall, South Dakota
  • Tyrell County - Wichita, Kansas
  • Love County - Marietta, Oklahoma
  • Glint Plains - Midland, Texas
  • Grandview County - Houston, Texas
  • Newer Orleans - Newer Orleans, Louisiana
  • Metro Central - Jackson, Mississippi
  • Drydock Harbour - Mobile, Alabama
  • Davidson County - Nashville, Tennessee

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The postcard for Newer Orleans shows that it is located in 'Newer Orleans', despite the real life location being named 'New Orleans'
    • This is in reference to the wars that have been taking place in the series' Timeline, indicating that New Orleans had been destroyed.
  • The postcard for Davidson County shows that it is the USA's new capital.
    • It also shows that Washington D.C., the real life capital of the USA had ceased to be the capital in the game's timeline.