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Pulled Pork Sandwich
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Pulled Pork Sandwich is an Entree in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!.


Aside from being delicious, pulled pork sandwiches are perhaps most well known for their involvement in the recovery of a lost girl.

In 1957, a Los Angeles private detective named Sgt. Wake was hired to locate a missing teenage girl by her distraught mother. The girl's name was Elizabeth, and she was last seen by her father when he saw her at a nearby park that he drove past every day on the way home from work. The father, who had been kicked out by Elizabeth's mother two years beforehand for spending too much time and making not enough money down at the race tracks, was now dating one of his coworkers named Cheryl. Cheryl's brother Danny owned a diner right next to the park where Elizabeth was last seen, and saw her come into the diner earlier that day before going missing. Even more coincidentally, Danny's daughter was Elizabeth's best friend from grade school, but as Danny understood it the two had a falling out sometime in the early weeks of high school and so she didn't come around his house anymore.

Private detective Sgt. Wake was weeks into his investigation when a series of clues finally led him to the diner, where he asked Danny if he remembered what Elizabeth had come in for on the day she disappeared. Danny recalled Elizabeth ordering a pulled pork sandwich. This puzzled Sgt. Wake, as Elizabeth's mother had told him earlier that Elizabeth was a vegetarian. The private detective asked Danny if anyone else seemed particularly fond of pulled pork sandwiches, and Danny responded that his sister's boyfriend asked for them all the time to take with him down to the race tracks.

Armed with nothing but this new information, a sense of duty, and his pistol, Sgt. Wake conducted a thorough sweep of the race track in the dead of night, where he found Elizabeth being held captive by her father, whose gambling addiction drove him to force her to spend all day at the tracks making bets in his name. It turned out that shortly after kidnapping Elizabeth, her father forced her to purchase some dinner at the diner before heading to his home, and in a discreet cry for help she ordered the one food that she knew would tip off the right people while not drawing suspicion from her oblivious father.

Sgt. Wake received a bullet wound while battling Elizabeth's father for her freedom, but subsequently made a full recovery. Today, a larger than life statue of Sgt. Wake holding a pulled pork sandwich can be seen on the corner of Paramount and Hardwick.


PurplePage.png Stage 1 Purple


PurplePage.png Stage 2 Purple

Top Bun


This food is cooked in two steps.

You MUST use a Holding Station to prep this Food. Each Holding Station can serve 8 customers.

Step 1: Standard Prep (Holding Station):
PurplePage.png Pulled Pork PurplePage.png Sauce PurplePage.png Seasoning

Step 2: After the pork is prepared, finish the dish before serving, per one of the below recipes.

01. Pulled Pork Sandwich
PurplePage.png Pulled Pork PurplePage.png Sauce PurplePage.png Top Bun

02. P.P. Coleslaw Sandwich
PurplePage.png Pulled Pork PurplePage.png Sauce PurplePage.png Coleslaw PurplePage.png Top Bun