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Pineapple Juice is a Drink in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!.


In 1924, the Brazilian government noticed a disturbing trend. Dozens of men and women were pretending to be unconscious so they could be taken to a hospital, cared for, and most importantly, skip work. Fearing this was having an adverse effect on the nation's healthcare system, medical professionals looked for ways to determine whether people were actually unconscious or merely faking it. While administering small cuts to the forearm worked for some, more seasoned charlatan's were immune to such tests. After conducting numerous tests, nurses discovered that pouring pineapple juice on cuts caused people who weren't actually unconscious to sit bolt upright and scream in 100% of cases.

The new test was a huge success, and by 1925, instances of people faking being unconscious were at an all time low. With no other use for the huge supplies of pineapple juice, many hospitals started serving the liquid as a drink, helping to establish it as the popular beverage it is today.


A Pineapple Juice refill is created every 5th time it is sold with an entree.

Fresh Pineapple Juice:
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