Mexican Rice

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Mexican Rice
Dish Type
Side Dish
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HS Only
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Trashy Food Trashy Food

Mexican Rice is a Side Dish in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!.

Description[edit | edit source]

Mexican rice was first cooked by Carmen Saura in her hometown of Saltillo. In addition to being an acclaimed chef, Saura was also a secret member of "The Slaying Senoritas," a vicious gang that was both feared and respected in Mexico in the 1950s. As Saura routinely used her restaurant's kitchen for executions, her freshly cooked rice was often soaked with the blood of her enemies. Fearing patrons would become suspicious if they saw red discoloration in their rice, Saura decided to mix tomatoes, garlic, and onion with her rice to ensure the vibrant red color would always be justified.

Saura's dish was a huge success, and the resulting financial security allowed her to pursue what she enjoyed most: assassinations for large sums of money. Saura later sold her restaurant to a more family orientated owner, and although police pursued Saura in her later years, she was never apprehended. She later recalled her culinary and murderous exploits in her autobiography, "Of Rice and Men."

Recipes[edit | edit source]

You must use a Holding Station to prep and serve this side.
Each Holding Station can serve 10 customers.

There is only one recipe.

Standard Prep (Holding Station):
PurplePage.png Tomato Sauce PurplePage.png Rice PurplePage.png Cilantro PurplePage.png Lid