Juice Bar

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Juice Bar
Dish Type
Menu Price
Simply Food Simply Food
Dirty Dish Dirty Dish
Pest Fest Pest Fest

Juice Bar is a Drink in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!.

Description[edit | edit source]

In the early 16th century, an Italian sea captain made a curious realization; scores of his sailors were suffering from bleeding gums, lethargy, and a below average number of teeth. These sailors, the captain noted, were a stark contrast to a man named Dave, who laughed boisterously, had a full head of teeth and ate oranges. Realizing there must be a link between Dave's well-being and his orange fetish, the captain confiscated Dave's oranges and attempted to feed them to the rest of the crew. They refused, as many were too lethargic and lacking in teeth to eat solids. The captain persevered, and with his strong sea fists, administered the fruit by squeezing the citrus directly into the crew's eyes. To the captain's delight, his crew's energy levels returned.

Today, fruit juice is enjoyed (orally) all over the world.

Refilling[edit | edit source]

A Juice Bar refill is created every 10th time it is sold with an entree.

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