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Ice Cream is a Standard Food in Cook, Serve, Delicious! and two Entrees in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!.

Cook, Serve, Delicious![edit | edit source]

Ice Cream is a Standard Food in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Ice Cream
Star Rating
★ - $750

★★ - $

★★★ - $

Menu Price
★ - $4

★★ - $6

★★★ - $8

  • Staple Food
  • Catering
  • Rainy Companion

  • Munchies
  • Unappreciated
  • Fatty McFats
  • Plate Spinner

Description[edit | edit source]

There's nothing quite like a scoop of delicious homemade ice cream! Now you can satisfy your customer's desire for the classic sweet treat with our Ice Cream starter package of the classic Vanilla/Chocolate flavors, as well as cherries and colorful sprinkles. No restaurant menu is complete without a nice dessert, so order today!

Your order includes a surplus of Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, bowls, colorful sprinkle treats and cherries, as well as six recipe cards.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

★ - Vanilla

★ - Chocolate

★ - Cherry

★ - Sprinkles

★★ - Mint Chocolate Chip

★★ - Whipped Cream

★★ - Nuts

★★★ - Butter Pecan

★★★ - Chocolate Sauce

★★★ - Strawberry Sauce

Recipes[edit | edit source]

[edit | edit source]

01. Plain Vanilla:

Three Vanilla Scoops, please.

02. Plain Chocolate:

Three Chocolate Scoops, please.

03. Vanilla and Chocolate:

One scoop of Vanilla and Chocolate please.

04. The Yin and Yang:

One Vanilla, One Chocolate, Cherry and Sprinkles

05. Cherry Vanilla:

Two Vanilla Scoops with a Cherry, please.

06. Chocolate Sprinkles:

Two Chocolate Scoops with Sprinkles

★★[edit | edit source]

07. Trio of Delicious:

One Vanilla, One Chocolate and One Mint Chocolate Chip, please.

08. Minty Deluxe:

Two Mint Chocolate Chips, Cherry, Whip and Nuts

09. Mint Cherry:

Two Mint Chocolate Chips with a Cherry, please.

10. Nutty Mint:

Two Mint Chocolate Chips and Nuts

11. Nutty Vanilla:

Two Vanilla Scoops with Nuts

12. Nutty Chocolate:

Two Chocolate Scoops and Nuts

★★★[edit | edit source]

13. Vanilla Dream:

Three Vanilla Scoops, with all toppings.

14. Chocolate Heaven:

One Chocolate, Two Mint Chocolate Chip, and all toppings.

15. Deluxe Butter Pecan:

Two Butter Pecan Scoops, with all toppings.

16. Buttery Nuts:

Two Butter Pecans, Cherry, Whip and Nuts

17. Birthday Surprise!:

One Vanilla, one Chocolate, one Butter Pecan, and all toppings except for Nuts and Strawberry Sauce.

18. The Fiesta Bowl:

One Chocolate, one Mint Chocolate Chip, one Butter Pecan, and all toppings except for Nuts and Chocolate Sauce.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!![edit | edit source]

Ice Cream Sundae[edit | edit source]

Ice Cream Sundae is an Entree in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!.

Ice Cream
Dish Type
Prep Type
Menu Price
Cook Time
  • Staple Food
  • Cold Treats
  • Dessert Classic
  • To Go!
  • All Time Classic
  • Instant Food
  • Dirty Dish
  • Pest Fest
  • Recipe Overload

Description[edit | edit source]

The earliest form of ice cream can be traced back to Ancient Greek times, when Greeks would eat snow mixed with honey and fruit. Greek soldiers were especially fond of ice cream, as it was often seen as a suitable way to cool off and wash the taste of blood out of one's mouth after a harrowing battle. As such, primitive ice cream was frequently rushed to the front lines to support the troops, or the battle would be relocated to a tall snowy mountain, if possible.

Soldiers who survived long enough to retire from the military then took their love of ice cream home with them, where they could be seen by the common folk enjoying the frosted treat. This led to ice cream being seen not as a life-saving necessity, but as a sign of status and accomplishment. As such, commoners soon began to create and distribute their own versions of ice cream, which would eventually become frozen custard, gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt.

Different styles of ice cream are now enjoyed all over the world, even by those who have never once tasted someone else's blood.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

You will use all 3 pages of ingredients.

PurplePage.png Purple

Mint Chocolate Chip
Praline Pecan

Rocky Road
Rainbow Sherbert
Cookie Dough
Butter Pecan

RedPage.png Red

Chocolate Syrup
Strawberry Syrup
Hard Candy


OrangePage.png Orange

Cookie Bits
Whipped Cream

Recipes[edit | edit source]

There are no fixed recipes for this Entree, as it is always a custom order. However, an order always consists of a type of ice cream, a syrup and a topping, and then if requested, Whipped Cream.

Ice Cream Scoops[edit | edit source]

Ice Cream Scoops
Dish Type
Prep Type
Menu Price
Cook Time
Burn Time
Staple Food Staple Food
Cold Treats Cold Treats
Dessert Classic Dessert Classic
Party Food Party Food
To Go! To Go!
All Time Classic All Time Classic
Instant Food Instant Food
Dirty Dish Dirty Dish
Pest Fest Pest Fest
Fast Cooker Fast Cooker
Unhealthy Menu Unhealthy Menu
Scumbags Scumbags

Ice Cream Scoops is an Entree in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!. It was added in the Barista Update.

Description[edit | edit source]

The long-held and popular tradition of eating ice cream out of a bowl was challenged in the early 1800s with the creation of the ice cream cone, which was created either in France or England, but patented in Italy. The creation of the ice cream cone was notable in that it not only held ice cream in place, but was completely edible and a delicious complement to the sweet frozen treat.

In 1904, the ice cream cone took the world by storm, and was considered such a radical invention that many ceramicists at the time feared that it marked the start of a new trend in edible dishware that would put them out of business. These ceramicists came together and purchased a large space in the 1907 issue of The World Food Journal, in which they pleaded with the world's population to not let edible dishware catch on. Unfortunately for the ceramicists, The World Food Journal did not actually serve the entire world, and was only read by the very small population of people in Southwestern Indiana who enjoyed reading about ethnic foods.

Uninhibited, the ice cream cone continued to grow in popularity, though as of writing has yet to dominate any other food markets.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

PurplePage.png Stage 1 Purple

Waffle Batter

PurplePage.png Stage 2 Purple

Chocolate Dip Cone

RedPage.png Stage 2 Red

Mint Chocolate Chip
Praline Pecan

Rocky Road
Rainbow Sherbert
Cookie Dough
Butter Pecan

Recipes[edit | edit source]

There are two stages: Cone Prep and Custom Ice Cream Scoops. The first stage has a fixed recipe and the second will always be a custom order.

Stage 1 - Cone Prep:

Add the PurplePage.png Waffle Batter and PurplePage.png Close the waffle iron.

Stage 2 - Custom Ice Cream Scoops:

PurplePage.png Chocolate Dip Cone if requested, then select the two requested ice cream scoops from the RedPage.png red page.