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Hotdog is an Entree in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!.

Dish Type
Prep Type
HS Optional.png HS Optional
HS Servings
Menu Price
Cook Time
10 seconds
Burn Time
19 seconds
HS Freshness Time
2 minutes 18 seconds
  • Staple Food
  • Stadium Classic
  • Unhealthy Eats
  • Morning Aroma
  • Extra Prep

Description[edit | edit source]

Though the exact origins of the hotdog are unknown, as the loose concept of sausages and putting them inside of other foods appear all throughout written history, the frankfurter - which is a pork sausage very similar to a hotdog - originates in Frankfurt, Germany. Due to their close relation, Germany has subsequently taken credit for inventing the idea of a sausage.

The phrase, "how the sausage is made" was inspired by hotdogs, as it refers to both seeing how something is created and not wanting to know all the details. Similarly, hotdogs are popularly served with a wide variety of garnishes intended to hide the taste of the unidentified meat that makes up 80-87% of its weight. Most agree that hotdogs are delicious when best served with relish, mustard and ignorance.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

You may use a Holding Station to prep a portion of this food in advance.

Each Holding Station can serve 8 customers.

Hotdog Standard Prep (Holding Station)
Wieners (8)

If you don't have a portion ready when the customer arrive, you will need to cook a Wiener for the customer.

01. Classic Dog
Regular Bun, Cheese, Relish, Mustard

02. Westminster Dog
Regular Bun, Cheese, Relish, Ketchup

03. Chili Dog
Regular Bun, Cheese, Chili, Onions, Mustard

04. Texas Dog
Regular Bun, Cheese, Chili

05. Rawdawg
Pretzel Bun, Mustard

06. Twisted Dog
Pretzel Bun, Cheese, Ketchup

07. Salty Dog
Pretzel Bun, Onions, Mustard, Ketchup

08. Green Dog
Pretzel Bun, Relish

09. Cheesey Dog
Premium Bun, Cheese

10. Fog Dog
Premium Bun, Onions, Mustard, Ketchup

11. Dang Dog
Premium Bun

12. Plop Dog
Premium Bun, Cheese, Relish, Chili, Onions, Mustard, Ketchup

Trivia[edit | edit source]