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Gumbo is an Entree in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!.

Dish Type
Prep Type
HS Required.png HS Required
HS Servings
Menu Price
Cook Time
15 seconds
HS Freshness Time
3 minutes 24 seconds
Hot and Edible Hot and Edible
Warm Eats Warm Eats
Seafood Classic Seafood Classic
Dirty Dish Dirty Dish
Menu Rot Menu Rot
United States

Description[edit | edit source]

Gumbo is a traditional stew from Louisiana, best known due to a local urban legend. As the legend goes, in the 1940s, police had wised up to gangs dumping bodies in swamps, car crushers, and fresh cement. This was a problem for local Louisianian gang the Muskrat Five whose accountant, Gumbo, had recently met a sticky end. Unable to dispose of the body in conventional ways, the Muskrat Five instead opted to serve up bits of Gumbo in a stew and feed him to locals. Wanting to ensure their plan was airtight, the Muskrat Five decided that if anyone asked what the soup was made of, they would claim it was a combination of meat, stock, celery, onions and bell peppers.

The colourful tale of Gumbo is attributed to the rise in popularity of the dish in Louisiana, although paranoia of the legend being real has lead some restaurants to stress that their stew is completely free of human remains.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

You MUST use a Holding Station to prep and serve this food.
Each Holding Station can serve 6 customers.

01. Alabama Sunrise
Wh.Rice, Tomatoes, Shrimp, G.Beans, Celery, Okra, Onions

02. Southern Secret
Wh.Rice, Tomatoes, Onions, Oil, Sausages

03. New Orleans Hangover
Wh.Rice, Shrimp, Okra, Onions, Oil, Sausages

04. FlavorGator
Wh.Rice, Shrimp, G.Beans, Oil, Sausages

Trivia[edit | edit source]