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Dinner Rolls
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Side Dish
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Dinner Rolls is a Side Dish in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!.


The dinner roll is a type of bread prepared into a small round loaf often served as a side to a meal. Dating back to ancient times, dinner rolls are named for their original purpose as an easily passed dinner food. In a time when other foods were either too oddly shaped or soft in consistency to easily be passed from one person to another, dinner rolls were created specifically to be tossed, bounced, and rolled across tables, through city markets, and down hills.

At one point during the early 8th century, dinner rolls were even briefly used as a means of protective item sending, wherein a person would bore a small hole in the roll, place a small item inside, and toss the roll to whomever the protected item was for. This became problematic when those who received the roll simply ate it and whatever was inside, and the practice was eventually ceased.

Today, dinner rolls are only filled with butter or some other flavored spread.


You must use a Holding Station to prep and serve this side.
Each Holding Station can serve 8 customers.

There are two recipes, but each of them requires only one ingredient.

01. White Bread Rolls[]

PurplePage.png White Bread

02. Wheat Bread Rolls[]

PurplePage.png Wheat Bread