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Cook, Serve, Delicious!
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Color Theme
Food Menu
  • Any

Side Dishes

  • Any


  • Any
Opening Time(s)
6:50AM - 10:00PM
Rush Hour(s)
12:00AM - 1:00PM

6:00PM - 7:00PM

Starting Buzz
0% - 151%
Prep Stations
6 - 14
Holding Stations
4 - 8

Cook, Serve, Delicious! (CSD!) is a restaurant in Cook, Serve, Delicious!, Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! and Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!.

This restaurant is the only one the player can customize by selecting one of the several different modes, choosing the menu, or designing the interior.


The player can select one of the four modes for a shift in this restaurant:

  • Classic Mode plays like the original Cook, Serve, Delicious!. It factors in the boosters and detractors of each item, affecting the daily buzz, prices, chores, and customer patience. All active boosters and detractors can be seen in the 'View Buzz' tab in the restaurant menu. This mode also allows the player to increase or decrease the number of prep and holding stations.
  • Standard mode does not factor in the boosters and detractors, allowing the player to create any menu they want. This mode also allows the player to increase or decrease active buzz and the number of prep and holding stations.
  • Stress mode raises buzz to 150%, prep station count to 14, and holding station count to 8.
  • Zen mode removes all Rush Hours and allows the player to customize active buzz and the number of prep and holding stations. It also gives the player an option to toggle infinite customer patience.

The buzz earned or lost in any mode (except Stress) by the end of a day affects the base buzz for the following day. It also raises or lowers the maximum buzz the player can set in Standard and Zen modes.

Number of Stations[]

The player starts the game at rank 0 with 6 prep stations and 4 holding stations available. Additional stations are unlocked as the player's rank increases.

Prep Station Rank
1-6 0
7 6
8 12
9 19
10 26
11 32
12 45
13 60
14 75
Holding Station Rank
1-4 0
5 9
6 13
7 28
8 40


The player can edit the restaurant's menu by selecting entree, side dish, or drink slots. At Rank 0 the player has 3 entree slots, 1 side dish slot, and 1 drink slot. Additional entree slots are unlocked at Rank 4, 14, and 18. Additional side dish slots are unlocked at Rank 7 and 21. Additional drink slot is unlocked at Rank 11.

Fully upgraded CSD menu consists of 6 entrees, 3 side dishes, and 2 drinks. You do not need to fill every menu slot to start a shift.

The choices you have for your menu are limited to the foods in your pantry. You can get new recipes by purchasing them through the Food Catalog or by reaching certain milestones in this or C4H mode.

A random option is available for every item in the menu. It selects a random item from the ones you have in your pantry. The item changes every time you restart the day. Several achievements require you to play a day with certain number of random items.

Equipment Upgrades[]

A number of upgrades can be bought in this menu in order to decrease the frequency of chores. There are upgrades for each chore (except robbery): dishwasher, trash service, bug lamps, toilet, rat traps, and roach spray. Each upgrade starts at Level 0 and costs money to upgrade. The price starts at $750 and increases by $750 each level up to a maximum of ten upgrades at $7500.

Level Cost
1 $750
2 $1500
3 $2250
4 $3000
5 $3750
6 $4500
7 $5250
8 $6000
9 $6750
10 $7500


The player can design the interior of their restaurant. The items for customizing are unlocked by increasing the Rank and Star rating, reaching milestones in CSD mode, and earning medals in Chef For Hire shifts.