Cold Beer is a standard food item in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

They're are easy to fill but tricky to make perfect. Fill up the glass until you get a nice, foamy top. Overfill the mug and you'll have a foamy mess, resulting in an average order.

Purchasing Information Edit

There's nothing quite like an ice cold brewsky, and now your customers can enjoy the simple pleasures of delicious beer straight from the tap. Enjoy the Hops Classic taste with its foamy top and bubbly middle, with a classic style ice cold mug. A thirsty customer is an unsatisfied customer, so order today!

Your order comes complete with Hops Classic Beer Brew, a Classic Style Beer Tap that we'll install directly behind the counter, and a case of mugs that should serve any size restaurant.

Upgrade Path Edit

Rating Unlocked Cost Information
★ to
Day ?? $money whoa this beer is better

you now serve this better beer.

Cooking Insturctions Edit

Default Bindings Edit

Pour Beer - ⬇

Recipes Edit

Note: The recipe doesn't change at all, even after upgrading. All it does is simply offer a better quality product.

One beer, please.

One beer, please.