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Chef For Hire (C4H, CFH) is a major game mode in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!.

In this mode, the player gets to work shifts at other restaurants. Each restaurant has a certain amount of shifts, each increasing in difficulty.

Each shift in the C4H restaurants has a preset menu, buzz, and prep and holding station amount. These cannot be changed by the player and are separate from those unlocked in the Cook, Serve, Delicious! restaurant.

Equipment upgrades in the CSD restaurant also do not affect the number and frequency of chores in the C4H mode.


Completing a shift can reward the player with Bronze, Silver, or Gold medals.

  • Bronze medal is rewarded for completing the day with fewer than 8 bad orders.
  • Silver medal is rewarded for completing the day with fewer than 5 average or bad orders.
  • Gold medal is rewarded for completing the day perfectly.

If the player earns a Silver medal, they get Bronze as well. If the player completes a perfect shift, they get all three medals.

There are rewards for earning a certain number of medals. The rewards are items for customizing your restaurant or new recipes. Some achievements are also rewarded for getting these medals.

Zen Shifts[]

The Barista Update introduced Zen Shifts as an option for every C4H shift. This mode gives customers infinite patience, allowing the player to take as long as they want on orders. However, only Bronze medals can be earned in this mode. The "Tower of Zen" achievement is earned for completing one Zen Shift in C4H.

List of Restaurants[]

MAX Wieners
Biggs Burger
Chilly Bowl
Chinese Food
Breakfast and Breakloose
Pizza That!
All the Sports Grill
Pie Right
Food Shackers
Slammy's Old Fashioned BBQ
Burrito Time
Contrast Coffee
Planet Blue
Budget Food Presents: The World Tour
Oooh Organic!
Poppers and Crunchies
The Deep All-You-Can-Eat
The Far East
Good Japan
Sushi Nest
XLR Purple
Secrets Of The Deep
Executive's Decision