Burger is a standard food item in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

You may be looking for the Hamburger from the second game.

Purchasing Information Edit

There's nothing more American than the delicious all-beef patty, with two crisp buns, veggies, and all the fixin's to make any mouth water. Virtually any resturant has at least a few burgers on the menu, and this starter kit insures that whether it's a few burgers or a full line of deluxe upgraded burgers, your customers will be covered when they have that hankerin' for a hamburger. Order today!

Your order comes with a surplus of buns, all beef patties, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, and American cheese, along with twelve recipe cards.

Cooking Instructions Edit

Burgers have two stages of prep: cooking the meat, and placing the toppings on the bun. Some recipes don't require meat, which will automatically skip the cooking process for you and will take you directly to the toppings stage. Watch out for recipes that require double ingredients such as double cheese!

Upgrade Path Edit

Two Star: $5 to $8 Menu Price, new ingredients & six new recipes.

Three Star: $8 to $12 Menu Price, new ingredients & six new recipes.

Four Star: $12 to $18 Menu Price, new ingredients & six new recipes.

Five Star: $18 to $25 Menu Price, new ingredients & ten new recipes.

Recipes Edit

This food has 40 recipes! If you feel dedicated enough you may add some or all the recipes. I will praise you if you do.

Keyboard Binding Edit

  • Meat - M
  • Chicken - K
  • Lettuce - L
  • Pickles - P
  • Bacon - B
  • Onions - O
  • Cheese - C
  • Swiss Cheese - S
  • Tomatoes - T