Boosters and Detractors are things that describe a foods' or events' ups and downs.

List of Boosters and Detractors Edit

Boosters Edit

Restaurant Edit

Perfect Orders

+0.5 buzz per perfect order the day before. (Max: -)

The Daily Special

+5 buzz if a new food is placed on the daily special. (Max: +5 buzz)

Platinum Resturant

+40 buzz for having a platinum resturant. (Max: +40 buzz)

Food Edit


+5 buzz per "Breakfast" food on the menu. Takes effect during morning hours. (Max: +30 buzz)

Rainy Companion

+5 buzz per "Rainy Companion" food on the menu, Takes effect during rain.

Rich Dish

+5 buzz per "Rich Dish" food on the menu. (Max: +30 buzz)

To Go!

+2 or +3 buzz per "To Go!" foods on the menu. Respectively:

+2 +3 +3 +2 +2 +3 (Max: +15)

Health Nuts

+5 buzz if two "Health Nuts" foods are on the menu, then an additional +5 buzz per such food added. (Max: +25 buzz)

Flexible Edit


Detractors Edit

Restaurant Edit

Bad Orders

-0.5 buzz per bad order the day before. (Max: -)

The Daily... Special?

-5% buzz if yesterday's daily special is on today's daily special. (Max: -5 buzz)

Food Edit

Work Liquor

-5% buzz per liquor on the menu. (Max: -10 buzz)